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If you are looking to buy a gaming laptop, there are some factors which come into play. They include everything from the keyboard, monitors, and mouse. For instance, if you are a gamer, you would want to have a keyboard that has more than just keys in it.

You would want the keys to be shaped in a way that helps you play your PC games better. When it comes to the monitor, you would want one that displays even the minutest things correctly. Going in for a high definition PC is a must if you are a gamer.

The mouse, for one, plays the most crucial role of all three. It’s what influences the gameplay the most unless you are playing sports games like FIFA. The right gaming mouse ensures you experience games the right way.

Don’t worry about those few extra seconds of delay when playing your favorite action shooter game. Even a delay on one-tenth of a second can make you lose the game, and if you want to have the edge over your competitor, you want nothing but the best.

In this article, we are going to focus on how you can find the right gaming mouse for you if you’ve big hands.

How Do You Find the Right Mouse to Fit Your Hands?

Gaming Mouse

The word “gigantic” is what we will talk about here today. The question though is, ” when are your hands too gigantic for a mouse?”

We are all created differently, and the size of our hands are obviously not the same. Gigantic, in this case, can mean a person with small fingers but a big palm. On the other hand, it might also mean a person with long fingers but a big palm.

An individual is considered to have gigantic hands if for instance once they wear latex gloves and they tear up. Thus even finding a gaming mouse which is a perfect fit for your hand is a hassle.

Unfortunately, most of the gaming mice in the market have been made for gamers with “average hands.” Many of the manufacturers fail to produce mice which vary in hand size.

This leaves players with big hands to have to settle for uncomfortable conditions such as getting hand cramps.

However, gamers with big hands have not been left high and dry. There are some top brands which have gone a step further to design gaming mice which are specifically for big hands.

How to choose the right gaming mouse?

Microsoft 3500 Mouse

Choosing the right gaming mouse will not make you a pro gamer, but it will give you a slight advantage over some games. Moreover, players with big hands will have a more comfortable and fun experience while doing their thing.

Here is a look at some things one should consider while getting a gaming mouse.

The right size.

What is the right size? A gaming mouse comes in different sizes and shapes. Size is a personal preference. Some individuals always end up feeling the pain of ultraportable mice which feel like children toys. If you have gigantic hands, a small mouse isn’t exactly a good feeling. It is best to avoid them since, in the long run, all you will get is hand cramps.

Length is an important factor which determines what size is right for your hand. The standard range for a mouse is about 5 to 7 inches. This means that a mouse should be long enough to stay comfortably at your palm. Moreover, the mouse should be wide enough as it will provide some sort of accuracy while gaming.

How to find the right length for your hand?

gaming mouse

The best way to find the right length of your arm is by measuring it with a tape measure or ruler. All you have to do is measure the distance between the tip of your ring finger and the crease of your wrist.

An individual with a big hand might get a mouse which is 8¼ inches and above. Always ensure you get a mouse which is 75% of your hand size.

Know your grip size.

The kind of grip which you use to play your games also determines what type of mouse you should get. They can be categorized into three different styles.

1. Palm grip.

The palm grip is the most standard used by most gamers. It involves laying your entire hand on them and using your plan to move around the mouse.

This style of gripping is fast and convenient. However, if you are looking for precision, this is not it. Most of the mice which require this type of grip have a more significant bump on the back end. For individuals with RSI, a mouse with a palm grip can be the right choice.

2. Fingertip grip

This is the complete opposite of the palm grip. It involves only the tips of your index finger, pinky, and thumb resting on the mouse. The palm does not touch the body of the mouse at all.

It is the most precise of all grips; however, it is also the most tiring. It is not recommended for people with RSI.

3. Claw Grip.

The claw grip is a mix between the fingertip am palm grip styles. It gets its name from how your hand looks when gripping the mouse. Your palm may rest on the back of the mouse while your fingers are angled in towards the buttons.

Mice which require this type of grip are usually longer and have lipped edges.

Buttons in play.

The number of buttons is crucial because it will give you the ability to remap the entire mouse. Three buttons are right, but the extra buttons also come in handy. The more buttons there are, the more combos you have to face.

Simply put, if you have big hands, then you will need bigger buttons. The extra buttons in your mouse should be big enough with the right separation. It will also reduce the number of accidental clicks while gaming.

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