What is the best type of mouse for gaming? Is it laser or optical?

best type of mouse for gaming

When people are looking for accessories for their PC, they look at different things. Some opt for a keyboard while others go for a mouse. The type of mouse which you use determines what kind of experience you get while playing.

However, choosing the right type of mouse can be quite tricky even between these two mice. These two have their strengths and weaknesses. In this article, we are going to dig deep into understanding how they work and which best suits you.

Long gone are the days when PC users had access only to a mechanical ball mouse. While we cannot deny that they were highly efficient, they didn’t get the job done. Whether it be working through applications or playing games, mechanical ball mouses left a lot to be desired.

If you are looking to buy a gaming mouse, you will come across two options – the laser mouse, and the optical mouse. Now, you might be wondering which is the right one for you. Don’t worry – we will help you out.

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Choosing the Right Mouse for Your Gaming

A mouse is just like a camera. They take pictures – of the surface underneath – which are MMO gamingthen converted into data to locate the current peripheral surface.

Consequently, what you have in your hand is a low-resolution camera, also known as a CMOS sensor. When the CMOS sensor is combined with two sensors, it can locate the X and Y coordinates a thousand times per second.

An optical mouse is just a regular mouse because it takes photos which is usually data. However, most of the optical mice in the market use Light Emitting Diode(LED), optoelectronic sensor and a digital signal processor.

The optical mice rely on infrared which projects light to a surface. The LED is mounted behind the angled lens. It is the work of the digital signal processor to illuminate the detected changes of light from one image to another.

It is the work of the CMOS to collect the light and transform it into an electric current. The digital images are captured more than 10,000 each second.

A laser mouse uses a laser beam instead of infrared to detect movement. Many gamers believe that the laser mouse is more accurate than the optical mouse. You can attribute it to the fact that it does not have any moving part inside it.

What are the significant differences?

So, how are the mouses of today different? What are the best types of the mouse for gaming? We will take a look at it below.Higher DPI with Laser mouse. The significant Wired Gaming Micedifference between these two types of the mouse is the technology they use. Although both of them use CMOS sensors to detect movement, the one with the higher DPI is better.

You need one with a higher Dots per Inch (DPI) when buying a gaming mouse. DPI is the measurement used to detect how sensitive a mouse is. A mouse with a higher DPI allows the cursor to move farther in your screen. It can detect even the slightest movements.

Although we are talking about sensitivity, DPI refers to the mouse hardware settings while sensitivity is regarding software.

Therefore it is not surprising Laser mice have a much higher DPI than optical mice. For instance, if you place the laser mouse on a glass surface, it can still detect movement. However, the results are vice versa for an optical mouse.


Sensitivity is a result of precise movement. DPI determines sensitivity in a mouse. A laser mouse is more sensitive than an optical mouse.

However, a laser mouse is too sensitive that it can pick up useless information. This becomes a problem when you are trying to move images slowly. It causes screen ‘jittery’ which can be very frustrating.

Over time the optimal mouse has made technological advancements. More and more of them are equipped with better CMOS, therefore, making mice with low DPI much more sensitive.


Wondering what the other differences between a laser and an optical mouse are? Accuracy is undoubtedly something you would notice. Laser mice are too accurate, unlike the LED optical laser.

A laser can penetrate any surface it is placed on, which means that they don’t miss a thing. When it comes to data analysis, then a laser mouse would best suit the job.

However, a laser mice accuracy makes it detect it even the smallest movements. This can cause cursor “jittery”.

An optical mouse is less more accurate because the LED is limited to the surface it can penetrate. Therefore it works best for a reflective surface like a mouse pad.


In the past, the optical mouse was preferred because it was not that costly. On the other hand, due to the laser’s high perceived functions, it was a bit high end. However, the price gap is almost nonexistent today. Optical mice have improved regarding function and efficiency. So, it is not surprising to buy them at nearly the same price. You can go ahead and check a site like Amazon.

Most of the mouse either laser or optical which are a bit costly either have additional features or better designs.

Gaming Mouse


Both a laser and an optical mouse are great when it comes to the user experience, and so the right choice for you depends on your taste.

Optical mice are more responsive and reliable. Although regarding sensitivity they are a bit on the down low. But if you are looking for precise movements, then it is the best solution. Although as a gamer you would have to stick with mouse pads.

On the other hand, lasers are more accurate and sensitive on a variety of surfaces. If you are a gamer who moves a lot, it will provide the right kind of flexibility.

In short, whether you need a laser or optical mouse for your gaming needs depend on the type of games, you like to play.

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