How Long Should Laptops Last

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Two factors decide the lifespan of a laptop. The first is its hardware, and the second is its functionality.

The life span of different kinds of laptops

Laptops can be classified into three broad categories. These are consumer laptops, business laptops, and gaming laptops. Each computer has a different function to serve, and it caters to a diverse group of people. The lifespan of the computer is dependent on the category of laptop that you choose to buy.

  • Consumer laptops

Consumer laptops mostly come with a one-year warranty. These do not usually use sophisticated components. Some more significant varieties of consumer laptops may have a high-end CPU, but in most cases, the other hardware components would be pretty generalized.

Consumer laptops run fine for not more than four years. Some may work a year or two more or less. If you are buying one of a very high price, then its average lifespan maybe a little more. If you buy a cheap variant, it may not last even for three years. Consumer laptops are not designed for longevity in the first place. Thus, the average range of a consumer laptop is somewhere between three to four years.

  • Business laptops

The business laptops usually come with a warranty of three years, and they are made using high- end hardware components. Business laptops are more consistent. Extra care is taken for the business laptops to last longer.

Business laptops from branded companies last long. In some cases, it may last even for ten years or more. On average, business laptops last for more than five years.

  • Gaming laptops

Gaming laptops are different. They are built with features that are high-end but the role that this kind of laptop plays makes its life span a bit less than the other types of laptops. The games keep advancing, and it means that your computer has to meet the demands of the performance. The gaming laptop should use better hardware and be able to handle the advanced graphics.

The gaming laptops run for a few years and then start to troubleshoot. It does not let you play the new games on it. It may also face trouble to let you upgrade the existing games. Again, if you buy a high-end and expensive gaming laptop, then this will last you much longer than the inexpensive ones.


Factors that decide how long will a laptop last

Here are some factors that determine the lifespan of a computer.

  • The hardware of the laptop is the first thing that you need to be concerned about. The laptops that are made using quality hardware will last longer than the cheaper variants. Thus, the lifespan of the laptop is mostly dependent on the equipment used.
  • An outdated processor, storage, or RAM could also render the laptop useless. Technology is growing at a breakneck pace, and there are new components that are being added to laptops daily. When the ingredients in your computer are obsolete, then this will not let you use the computer to do any advanced tasks.
  • How you use your laptop is also crucial in determining how long the computer will last for you. If you treat it with care, then it will last for a long time.
  • The expensive and high-end laptops offer a longer lifespan.
  • Another important thing that affects the life of the laptop is the kind of task that you perform on it. If you use your laptop for graphic designing and gaming, then your computer will perform for a lesser number of years. On the other hand, if you use your laptop to send emails, watch movies, or browse the web, then your computer will last longer.
  • If you do basic tasks on your laptop and keep your computer well maintained, then it will last more than the average number of years.

The kind of hardware used in the laptop and how and what you use the computer for can affect its life. A computer of a mid-range will last you for 4-5 years if handled delicately and used for basic browsing.

Taking care of the laptop

Here is how you should care for your computer and increase its life:

  • To get the maximum benefit from your laptop, treat it well.
  • Heat is not suitable for this machine, but the design of the laptop makes it vulnerable to overheating. Make sure to keep your computer fresh.
  • You can blow the dust from the vents and use a canned air so that cold air flows through the laptop and does not let it overheat.
  • Never place your laptop on a soft surface and keep it away from any source of heat. A cooling stand for your computer is also a great purchase.
  • Do not spill any liquid or drop your laptop, which will damage it.

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Is there anything that I can do to increase the lifespan of my laptop?

Laptops come with limited components, and these can break and wear out. The everyday things that cause problems are the battery and the hard drive. If you have an old laptop, then you can get a new battery and replace the hard drive with an SSD or a solid-state drive. This will perform better and last longer. Also, make sure to install the OS fresh and tweak the settings a little for your computer to start working again.

For consumer laptops, it is not just about the hard drive. The other issue that comes up is the problem with the motherboard. This could help to make the laptop last a bit more. Also, ensure that you clean the vents and do not let your system to overheat.


Laptops are expensive, and you need to maintain it well if you want it to last for long. Laptops, however, are pretty mixed. Every computer comes with a different life expectancy. It depends on the kind of laptop that you use, how you take care of it, and the purpose that you use it for.


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