How To Buy Gaming Doge With USD (Including Precautions)

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Gaming Doge has become quite popular amongst gamers and crypto enthusiasts for its practicality. However, it’s still a relatively new cryptocurrency, and you won’t be able to buy it directly on most exchanges. 

Here’s how you can buy Gaming Doge with USD: 

  1. Create an account on Trust Wallet or Metamask. 
  2. Create an account on Coinbase. 
  3. Connect a USD payment method to Coinbase. 
  4. Buy Bitcoin with USD on Coinbase. 
  5. Transfer your Bitcoin to your Trust Wallet/MetaMask wallet. 
  6. Open Pancakeswap on your trust or MetaMask wallet.
  7. Exchange Bitcoin for BNB coins.
  8. Exchange the BNB coins for Gaming Doge.

In this article, I’ll walk you through these steps to help you understand how to buy Gaming Doge with USD. I’ll also discuss some of the precautions you should take when using your bank account or credit card to purchase Gaming Doge.

What is Dogecoin?

Here’s a good video explaining in more detail what Dogecoin is, when it started, and what you can expect.

1. Create an Account on Trust Wallet or MetaMask 

Not all major wallets support Gaming Doge, so your options will likely be Trust Wallet and MetaMask. Trust Wallet offers over 1 million cryptocurrencies and many smaller coins, including Gaming Doge. MetaMask is equally popular and safer than most crypto wallets. 

Creating an account on Trust Wallet isn’t difficult. Simply download the app and enter the details of your new account. You can also migrate your data from MetaMask and a few other wallets. Once your wallet is set up, you’ll have to save the 12-word key used for account recovery. 

Trust Wallet is free to use and even supports the BNP token, which you will use to purchase Gaming Doge. However, you may have to pay transaction fees when you trade crypto, although these are minimal compared to other wallets. 

Creating an account on MetaMask is just as easy. It’s essentially the same process as Trust Wallet, except MetaMask is a browser extension wallet that allows you to access the wallet without downloading the MetaMask app. If you’re looking for a trusted wallet to store your Gaming Doge and other cryptos, MetaMask is ideal. 

Caution: Always keep the secret backup phrase safe when creating an account on MetaMask or Trust Wallet, as you won’t be able to access your account without it if you forget your password. Also, avoid storing it somewhere that’s easily accessible to hackers. It’s safer to write down the code than to store it on your phone’s notepad. 

2. Create an Account on Coinbase 

While many other crypto exchanges allow you to purchase Gaming Doge and other cryptos, Coinbase is one of the only ones authorized to accept USD payments directly. It’s also one of the most popular crypto exchange platforms worldwide. 

To create an account on Coinbase, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Coinbase website or app. While the app is well-designed, the website has a better user experience. 
  2. Create a password and verify your email address. You don’t have to use your primary email address, even though Coinbase won’t send you spam emails. 
  3. Enter your identification information to prove your age and nationality. Coinbase will verify these documents before you can start trading on the site. You can also provide your phone number for two-factor authentication. Avoid entering fake details, or your account will be rejected during verification. 
  4. Wait for Coinbase to verify your identity. This is usually a swift process. 

Coinbase supports over 100 popular cryptocurrencies and tokens. They also allow you to withdraw directly to your crypto wallets and their fees are amongst the lowest of all popular crypto exchanges. 

However, it’s important to take precautions when saving the login details of your Coinbase account. Also, never share your account details with anyone, even if they claim to be from Coinbase support. 

3. Connect a USD Payment Method to Coinbase

Once you’ve created an account on Coinbase, you’ll have to add a payment method. If you have a USD bank account, you can select “Credit/Debit card” or “Wire Transfer” as your payment method. You can also connect your PayPal account if you want to make payments in USD. However, depositing with your credit card is faster for smaller payments. 

If you use your Coinbase account regularly and plan to purchase crypto as an investment, it’s better to connect your Bank Account. While bank transfers may take time, and you’ll have to wait for Coinbase to verify your account, it’s much cheaper to use your bank when paying for or withdrawing crypto. 

If you’re going to use your bank account or credit card to make deposits on the Coinbase website, make sure you have 2-factor authentication on your account for additional security. 

4. Buy Bitcoin With USD on Coinbase

Once you’ve deposited some USD into your Coinbase account, use the balance to purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. While you can choose any crypto, Bitcoin is the best option as it’s more stable than most other popular crypto coins. 

Unfortunately, you can’t buy Gaming Doge directly on Coinbase. Worse, the exchanges that accept direct purchases only allow you to trade with other cryptos. 

To buy bitcoin on Coinbase, go onto the “Prices” section and select Bitcoin. Select “Buy,” enter your preferred currency for the transaction, and complete the purchase. Once you get the Bitcoin on your account, go to “All Assets” to confirm that you’ve received your crypto. You’ll also get an email from Coinbase when the transaction is complete. 

Once you purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase, you can trade it for Gaming Doge on other exchanges. 

5. Transfer Your Bitcoin to Your Trust Wallet/MetaMask Wallet

After purchasing  Bitcoin on Coinbase, transfer it to your Trust or MetaMask wallet. You can then trade the Bitcoin for Gaming Doge on another exchange platform. 

To transfer your Bitcoin from Coinbase to an external wallet, follow these steps: 

  1. Go onto your Coinbase account dashboard and select “Pay.” 
  2. Enter the amount of crypto you want to transfer. You’ll also be able to see the cash value of your transfer. 
  3. Choose which crypto you want to pay with. If you’ve purchased Bitcoin in the previous step, choose it under Assets. 
  4. Enter the crypto address of your MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Be extra careful when entering the wallet address. There’s no way to reverse the transaction if you enter the wrong wallet address. 
  5. Review the transaction and click “send now.” 

While this step may seem unnecessary, it’s the only way to purchase Gaming Doge with USD. However, as Gaming Doge becomes more popular, it may be added to major crypto exchanges like Coinbase. 

6. Open Pancakeswap on Your Trust or Metamask Wallet

Pancakeswap is the only exchange that will allow you to exchange other cryptos for Gaming Doge. If you’re using a Trust Wallet, you can open Pancakeswap by entering in the same browser as your Trust Wallet. 

To open pancakeswap on MetaMask, enter the network as BSC mainnet and use 56 or 0x36 as the chain ID. The URL will be, and the URL will be

7. Exchange Bitcoin for BNB Coins 

Once you’ve opened Pancakeswap on Trust Wallet or MetaMask, you’ll have to exchange the bitcoin for BNB coins. Unfortunately, only BNB coins will pair with Gaming Doge on Pancackeswap. You can’t trade Bitcoin for Gaming Doge directly. 

When you exchange bitcoin for BNB coins, you’ll incur a small fee, usually paid in bitcoin as a percentage of the transaction. Alternatively, you can purchase the BNB token directly from Coinbase and transfer it to your external wallet. While you’ll avoid fees, it’s riskier since the bitcoin price is more stable than BNB. 

8. Exchange the BNB Coins for Gaming Doge 

This step is fairly simple, and you can easily do it with the BNB coins you have on Pancakeswap. Go onto the dashboard and select “Exchange.” Enter the amount of BNB you want to exchange, connect the wallet and click on “swap.” 

Once you approve the transaction, you’ll instantly get your Gambinhg Doge tokens. This process will also incur a small fee paid in BNP tokens. 

While this process may require creating an account on multiple crypto exchanges, it’s the only way you can buy Gaming Doge directly with USD. However, as the Gaming Doge community grows, major exchanges may allow you to purchase the token directly. 

Final Thoughts 

Gaming Doge is becoming more popular and has been tied to NFT projects and games. Unlike other meme cryptocurrencies, its practical applications have given it a better chance of achieving long-term stability. However, it’s still a relatively new coin, and it’s only featured on one or two exchanges.

To buy Gaming Doge with USD, you’ll first have to purchase another cryptocurrency, convert it to BNB tokens and then convert it back to Gaming Doge. Don’t exchange crypto on an unlicensed exchange even if they offer to swap USD directly for Gaming Doge. You’ll either get scammed or pay ridiculous fees.

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