How To Clean A Gaming Mouse Pad

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Is your mouse pointer proving to be problematic while finishing a level of an FPS game? Well, one of the major reasons for this issue is a dirty gaming mouse pad, which is obstructing your mouse from performing smoothly. This is where you need to know and follow how to clean a gaming mouse pad.

You have been playing a lot and are on the way to be a pro player. A major credit of this success goes to the right, clean accessories apart from your skills. One of them is your gaming mouse pad, which is often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. However, if not cleaned, it is like to be a big obstacle towards you being a pro player.

A mouse pad is a vital accessory, as it supports traction and cozy mouse handling. Even if a mouse pad features premium stitching and an anti-fray surface, it does not stop it from becoming dirty, particularly after prolonged use.

Greases, sweat, liquid spillage, and snack particles are the main things that not only make the mouse pad dirty but also ruin its longevity. Perhaps you have been gaming for weeks and your mouse pad by now is seriously hit with oils and greases coming from your palm.

Regardless of how dirty your mouse pad has become; it is wise to clean it right away. So, how do you clean a gaming mouse pad? Is it simple? Will wet wipes suffice? Get answers to these questions by reading further.

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Cleaning According to the Material Type

The solution to cleaning a gaming mouse pad depends on its type or material. While there are a couple of mouse pad types, those that are made up of fabric, plastic, metal, rubber, or cloth are washable or cleanable.

Cleaning Cloth Mouse Pads

Gaming mouse pads made using cloth requires some more care than what you normally have planned to give. However, the procedure of cleaning then is hassle-free.

All you have to do is fill the sink with a mix of soap and warm water and totally soak your pad into it. As per the mouse pad’s condition, you may lightly scrub it with the help of a brush to remove those sticky grime or heftier stains.

If the pad is large, consider soaking it in a bigger container than the sink. For example, you can choose your bathroom tub. In the absence of liquid soap, you can add a bit of shampoo to warm water and then submerge the mouse pad in this mix.

Whether you use soap or shampoo, rinse both the rear and front sides of the brushed mousepad so that all shampoo or soap goes away. Then, place the pad on a towel, fold the latter’s edges, and press the towel to squeeze out as much water as possible.

You can even wash the mouse pad in a washing machine, provided the manufacturer’s instructions allow you to do so. The good news is that most cloth mousepads are machine washable.

There are several gaming mouse pads that come with a bottom layer of plastic or rubber to ensure a better grip. However, do not clean such pads at a high temperature while washing them in a washing machine or else you will end up melting its rubber base.

Once washed, you need to allow the gaming mouse pad to air dry for a few hours by putting it in a warm place. Just use pins on your pad hung on a clothesline or other place where there is sufficient sunlight. Such a way of drying prevents melting the rubber base that is non-slippery.

Only air drying is suitable here. Using a dryer here is likely to trigger irreparable damage for your gaming mouse pad.

Cleaning Rubber and Plastic Mousepads

These gaming mousepads are admirably wipe-friendly. Just a damp cloth and some sanitary baby wipes are enough for cleaning these gaming mouse pads. The wipes can easily remove sticky or grimy areas. Then, you simply need to dry it using a cloth towel. You will be back to gaming in just a few minutes.

Baby wipes are soft enough to use on your mouse pad. In other words, they do not damage the pad while being strong enough to take off most stains and tacky messes.

In the absence of baby wipes, a warm damp cloth is a good choice. Due to easy cleaning as well as upkeep, you can clean plastic and rubber mousepads once a month at least.

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Cleaning Metal Mousepads

A metal mouse pad is perhaps the easiest one to clean. This is because it suffices to have a quick wipe using a wet cloth to remove dirt or fresh stains from it. The reason behind this is that metal pads often repel liquids, which otherwise could result in stains.

There is also no need to use chemicals for cleaning these gaming mouse pads. However, if you need a thorough cleaning, it is essential to use an all-purpose cleaner.

It is vital for you to know that a few chemical cleaners are strong enough to end up staining or deteriorating the metallic material of your mouse pad. In many cases, they leave behind strong odors that fade after a long time. So, choose a less strong or friendly chemical cleaner for deep cleaning.


By following these steps to how to clean a gaming mouse pad, you will get back your pad in its tip-top shape with the least efforts. You will get rid of even the most etched stains. You will then not see any mouse pointer problems and that the gaming mouse pad will then look like a brand new one.

However, ensure to choose a cleaning method as per the mouse pad’s build material. Further, do clean it regularly so that you need not have to invest in a new one quite often. So, would you clean it using the aforementioned steps? Do share your experience via comments.

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