How To Hold A Gaming Mouse: 3 Techniques To Follow

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“Seriously, do I need to know how to hold a gaming house?” This question may be bothering you if you are unable to feel the desired grip or comfort level while playing a computer video game using your mouse.

How to hold a mouse while playing a game is likely to be something that you may have never thought of it before. However, the fact is that it is one of the most important factors for playing a computer game comfortably and efficiently.

Technically, different grips or mouse handling ways are essential for different games. In some games, you can easily gain an advantage if the grip is just right.

For example, for first-person shooting games, experienced gamers use a dedicated mouse that supports custom triggers. Holding such a mouse gives you the benefit of precise positioning.

If you do not hold the mouse right, the fingers and palm are likely to get stressed and painful, especially after continuous playing for several hours. This is the reason why the makers focus especially on designing customized gaming mouse that supports your grip.

However, how do you know which grip is the most beneficial for you? Well, this is also the answer to how to hold your gaming mouse such that your palm and fingers remain stress-free despite prolonged use.

Even a traditional mouse will work in a friendly manner if you use it in different ways using different grips. For this, you need to know the most suitable grips for playing games. So, let’s check them out now!

Using the Full Palm on the Mouse: The Palm Grip

In this grip method, you set the whole palm on the mouse body such that the fingers stretch automatically to touch the mouse buttons. Playing games by keeping your palm in this way prevents cramping in fingers, especially during the nail-biting play sessions.

This is the grip type that you will see mostly in the cybercafes or other public computer stations. It is undoubtedly the most common grip type amongst players and non-players alike.

With full support to your palm, there is no need to worry about your fingers. Thus, you have a comfortable chance to play for some more hours. The additional comfort also aids in boosting your concentration while playing.

A few competitive gamers consider using a palm grip with some other grip to maximize their playing strategy. It proves increased precision or speed to ensure top performance of your avatar in the game.

The main reason why this grip method is combined with another type of grip is the lack of boosted accuracy and agility. This is otherwise present in other grips such as the claw grip. Further, a palm grip also does not have the speed as that of the fingertip grip.

However, what is specific to a palm grip is its strong support system for your palm. This is exactly what you need for enjoying competitive games and performing in all possible ways to complete the phase. No other grip is as satisfactory as this one if this is what you want.

While both the palms and fingers are taken care of, the palm grip can be uncomfortable for those with short fingers. It is also not for those games wherein small motions are essential.

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Using Fingertips on Mouse Buttons: The Fingertip Grip

In this grip method, only your fingertips use the buttons on the mouse. This is why this method is named as the fingertip. Instead of covering the mouse completely with the palm, this method needs you to push buttons with fingertips only.

As a result, there is no strain to the remaining hand and you can enjoy instant, responsive reactions. Such a technique of using your mouse ensures quick timing as well as high-speed motions.

This method is unusual and rare that you may not see in use too often. However, despite its uncommonness, you can expect offensive capabilities required to win a session, especially as shooters.

Usually, you will not come across such mice that are designed to support several buttons as well as the fingertip grip. The underlying motive behind this fact is to make it easy to snap the mouse into place using the player’s fingertips for achieving the best shot for triumph.

These models are distinct in appearance as well. They are astonishingly flat and light in weight. The flat design is due to the fact that no contact is required with the palm.

A few niche games demand this type of grip to ensure maximum benefit. These are games in which you may have to snap from one position to another quite rapidly. This kind of grip is admired for its speed, precision, and sufficient muscle memory.

In case you suddenly move to another grip to make your skills better for some games, do expect to experience some discomfort initially. This is because this switch is not that easy to perform.

The fingertip grip is beneficial for games involving small movements; it is not for making larger motions involving quick scrolling. It may be a bit difficult to use this grip on a few ergonomic devices.

Placing Your Palm’s Upper Part on the Mouse’s Bottom: The Claw Grip

Positioning your palm in this way forms an appearance similar to a claw. This is why it is named as the claw grip. Herein, the fingers are arched on the buttons. It is a common style of those who do not play only for fun.

The users normally use both the middle and index fingers for clicking the buttons on the mouse. However, you may even use the combination of index and ring fingers for the same.

This grip is comfortable for those with larger palms or longer fingers. It gives a bit more flexibility to your fingers than any other grip. In simple words, you can easily access the extra mouse buttons. Further, with the wrist positioning your mouse, you enjoy more accuracy and rapid movement.


A palm grip is for you if there is wrist pain. A claw grip is for FPS lovers, while fingertip grip is for those who long, agile fingers. So, choose what is preferable to you.

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