How To Keep Your Computer Awake Without Touching The Mouse: 2 Solutions For Windows

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You are not the only one to get irritated when the computer or laptop screen dims or falls asleep while watching a movie, keeping a presentation slide for a couple of minutes, or when you are back to work every time from a short break and discover that the screen is locked or in a standby mode.

This is because you need to click the mouse or press any key every time you want to restore the screen. This is exactly why you need to know how to keep your computer awake without touching the mouse.

Well, it is not only you; there are countless people who want to know this. The fact is that when you do not move or click your mouse or press a key on the keyboard, the computer falls asleep or shows the set screensaver.

So, why this happens? It is due to the integrated power-saving setting that comes into action when no mouse or keyboard action gets logged in. The setting is activated after a long period of this inactivity in the eyes of the operating system.

Due to this inactivity, the operating system could not figure out that the computer is active while the video is playing in the background, especially when it is not in its full-screen mode.

So, what you think is the solution now? Yes, you can go back to the power settings and force the computer to avoid going into standby, sleep, or dimming mode. So, let’s check it out!

Power Settings

Playing with the Power Settings

The power settings are meant for saving power when you do not perform any action on the screen for the set period. On Windows, you can go to the Power Options applet using the Control Panel à System and Security.

Then, select another power plan, create a new one, or edit the existing one to disable the sleep mode and turning off the screensaver display by selecting Never. These settings are more useful if you are using a laptop than a computer.

There is actually no reason why you will make your computer go to sleep while you are still using it. Sure, you could fiddle with the power settings but then this is a hassle. This is especially true if you do forget to restore these settings.

This is because then your laptop’s battery life will go down more quickly than what you may expect. No operating system is smart enough to restore your previous or original settings on its own. Thus, you may be left with settings that you do not need to have permanently.

Furthermore, if you are using a system as an employee, this solution will not work if your company’s IT policies do not allow its employees to change their system’s power-saving settings. Thus, you now get stuck and have no option other than to keep using the mouse or tell someone nearby to keep clicking the mouse or a key every few minutes.

Well, these are truly not efficient ways of getting rid of this problem. The good news is that it is still a solution to this problem, which is efficient and practical. How about using a third-party application to keep your computer awake without constantly touching the keyboard or a mouse? Do not be bothered about your IT department here, as you are now covered!

Mouse Jiggler

Using Third-party Tools

Most third-party tools designed for keeping your computer awake despite strict power settings work in the background. On your behalf, they simply perform the task of pressing a key or clicking a mouse button. Following are some easy-to-use tools to consider:

  • Mouse Jiggler: Is a tool that works by simulating a mouse move and forces the operating system to think that you are using the mouse. It is designed for disallowing your screensaver to come on your screen when you seriously do not want it.With this tool, there is no need to fiddle with any settings, thus making you innocent in the eyes of your system admin. To use it, just launch the software and select Enable Jiggle when you are about to play a movie, run a presentation, or go for a break.

    Within a few seconds, the mouse pointer shall start moving minutely (jiggling), a movement that is sufficient enough to delude your operating system. In case the movement of your mouse irritates you, just activate the Zen Jiggle mode. This shall hide the pointer and keep the movement only in the background.

  • Caffeine: Is a tool that does the same thing to your computer as a coffee to your body. In simple words, it stimulates your pressing action for the F15 key every 59 seconds so that the standby mode or screensaver does not activate.The F15 key is what Windows recognize although it is virtually absent on the physical keyboards. In other words, pressing this key, again and again, should not mess with anything that you may be doing on the computer.

    In case it does, a command-line option comes to the rescue, which then presses the Shift key.

  • Noise: Is another lightweight tool that aims to prevent your computer from sleeping. When you start this tool, it works by simulating a random key hit every 10 seconds. This is how your PC then does not sleep.
    The overall interface is pretty primitive and simple and does not provide any complex or other options. However, the tool works well without any flaws.

All the aforementioned tools are free to use. You may keep checking for their updates. Still, without updates, your work will be done.


Instead of messing with the settings, it is wise to try a free utility to keep your Windows Pc awake without touching the mouse or pressing a key. The former solution is for the ones who are tech geeks and do not work in a company where it is prohibited to play with power settings.

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