What laptops last the longest? What to look for?

laptop last longer

What laptops last the longest?

Laptops, even the cheap ones, run into hundreds of dollars. We are sure you would want one that lasts several years for you, no matter what the price point you are looking at.

You would want one that works in the long run, and the one thing that you cannot ignore
is the battery life.


Laptop Lifespan

Why is the Battery Life Important?

Remember, With time, the battery life of your laptop is only going to decrease. So, if
your laptop runs for around 12 hours on battery when you first get it from the
store, it may run for only 6 hours three years down the line.

While some PC parts like the RAM can last for a very long time given the correct
conditions, a large number of the most basic PC parts – like a battery – aren’t
intended for long-term use.

The normal Life expectancy of a good laptop battery is usually around 3-5 years. However,
different factors come into play when it comes to how long your laptop battery lasts.

For instance, how often you use it and how hard you push it, and even the weather,
dust and residue can play a determining factor.

This article helps outline the factors responsible for the life expectancy of your laptop.

The Top Tips to Help You Find a Laptop that Lasts Long

So, how do You find the laptops that last long? Here are some tips that will help you.


The sort of PC you purchase will influence its life expectancy. Macintosh computers and
laptops appear to last longer than regular PCs. MacBook Air, for instance, has
been seen to offer battery life as long as 15 to 16 hours on a single charge.
MacBook Pro series, on the other hand, has a great battery life of over 12
hours too.

There are some other competitors like the Surface Book that promises a battery life of
over 10 hours on battery, but often, they last far below that.

Additionally, they tend to have a high-cost range and innovation most of the time tends to
render old equipment futile.

More Established brands offer better quality components. In turn, you can expect
quicker speed, remote or satellite web, and reliable hard drive space, which in
turn impacts the lifespan of the laptop.

If you Purchase cheaper alternatives; you are likely to keep running into life
expectancy issues as well because these low budget laptops do not use first
class materials. That being said, always look for the battery life of the PC
you are buying. There are some low-cost laptops, like some from Asus and Acer’s
stables, which cost low but offer a significant amount of battery life.

However, do note that less expensive models of laptops are developed with less expensive
materials, which in turn translates to low life expectancy, so in case you’re
searching for a PC that will last three to five years or more, it is imperative
that you put resources into a laptop or PC that is built with quality
Equipment. Purchase solid and exceedingly evaluated brands, and you are more
averse to be baffled.

laptops (seem to) last longer than Windows laptops


Your love For your laptop will determine how long you can keep it from going to the
repairs. Cleaning your laptop is essential. Blow out all the residue out of the
fan, ward off fluids from it, keep the screen clean.

If you are using it for long, use a PC cooler.

Do not take Your laptop to your bed. The drawback there is the fact that delicate surfaces
like your bed hold the warmth from the laptop, prompting overheating.
Overheating will make laptop execution rapidly break down in less than no time,
so you must be careful about this.

Technical Components and Accessories

The Accessories and technical components that accompany a laptop have a strong
bearing on the lifespan of a computer. Be especially watchful with the charging
cable and adapter that charges the PC they can without much of a stretch be
susceptible to damage when bowed alongside the PC’s charging port, that can
prompt an electrical issue and reduce the life expectancy of the laptop.

Additionally, PCs utilized for gaming purposes tend to wear out the equipment quicker than
those used for essential office work. To avoid damage and reduced
functionality, you must do whatever it takes in order not to exhaust the PC
since the parts can wear out. Additionally ensure that the laptop is not left to
run always, and abstain from running it from the battery to get a more drawn
out life expectancy.

Physical Outlook and Durability

If you are Purchasing a laptop with the aim of using it for a long time, rather than the
aesthetics, consider the physical outlook of the computer. Some laptops are
designed to be physically durable and withstand the impact of elements such as
weather, dust and other factors with the use of sustainable and protective

Apple’s Mac Series, for instance, offers an aluminum finish. While the make is durable, do
note that dents are common and unless you have a protective cover for the
laptop, you would be compromising on the aesthetics. However, MacBook Air or
Windows laptops like the Surface Pro series are more portable than many other
alternatives. Some others, from say the likes of Lenovo, offer a plastic
finish, and while they might look cheap, they can last more. You might need to
take a look at what is more important for you.

battery helps extend the battery life of the Dell

On the other hand, some laptops are made to be aesthetically effective but are not
physically durable and can easily get damaged in the event where they fall
Mistakenly. Take a critical look at the laptop and analyze whether the computer
will be physically durable.

Final Thoughts

If you are Looking for laptops that last long, look at all the factors above to get the
result you need. Sure, it is going to take a while, but laptops are a
significant investment. We are sure you would want to make it right.

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