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How Long Does A Gaming Pc Last

The graphics measurement is the most important thing for a gaming PC. The FPS or the frame rate in the video game shows the...
Sleek gaming mouse

How To Tell What DPI Your Mouse Is: 2 Ways To Find Out

While choosing a mouse for a PC or a laptop, one of the important factors or specifications to check is the Dots Per Inch...
Computer Gaming Mouse

How To Hold A Gaming Mouse: 3 Techniques To Follow

“Seriously, do I need to know how to hold a gaming house?” This question may be bothering you if you are unable to feel...
Simulation of race car video player game with big screen monitors and cockpit controls like a racing car

How Big Is A 27-Inch Monitor For Gaming?

A basic aspect to consider at the time of buying a gaming monitor is its size! Most experts recommend sticking to 24 to 27...
Computer parts icons set. CPU, RAM, HDD, SSD, GPU. Different specifications.

How Important Is VRAM For You?

Have you ever checked the VRAM of your PC? Do you find your system buffering very slow when you are at the edge of...